The Undercover Life of a Diva

October, 2009 http://www.prestigeroyaltypublishing.com

Hennessy- Thirty-something real estate mogul trying to manage a successful career and raising a teenage daughter. She learns the importance of family and friendship when secrets are exposed. Lucille- Quiet and shy attorney married to a famous record producer. Lucille must discover forgiveness and self realization when her husbands infidelties cause a major scandal. Lexus- Charismatic and carefree CEO of a talent agency. She is engaged to a high profile NFL player and seems to lead the perfect life. Lex leads a secret lifestyle and must come full circle with her past when she becomes involved in a police investigation. As the ladies maintain successful careers their personal lives seems to erupt into a whirlwind of turmoil as secrets emerge and friendships are betrayed. The ladies find out they aren’t as in control as they thought and learn the true value of friendship, faith, and loyalty.


The Root of Evil

December 6, 2016 http://www.prestigeroyaltypublishing.com

Two years later, after Lexus is charged with murder, Hennessy partners with ex- drug dealer turned CEO, Dallas Ford to prove Lexus' innocence and clear her of all charges. Although the two are closer to proving Lexus' innocence,Hennessy must deal with her own issues as she must balance her new role


The Diva Devotional

November 15, 2016 http://www.prestigeroyaltypublishing.com

A 14 Day Devotional designed for the modern day woman. 14 days filled with God's Word and real life examples of challenges women face daily.


The Memoir of a Masterpiece

October 7, 2019 http://www.prestigeroyaltypublishing.com

Author Krystale Jane'l tells her powerful testimony of growing up in the South overcoming issues such as depression, colorism, homosexuality, and teen pregnancy through the power of faith.


The Paradise of Undead

1/17/2020 http://barnesandnoble.com

Devon Starr, a washed-up rapper, prepares to revive his career by competing on the reality tv show, Survivor Island. Things take a strange turn when Devon and the rest of the Survivor Island cast's plane crash leaving them stranded on a beautiful deserted island. They soon make the horrific discover

Short Stories


March 29,2015

A woman on death row tells her story


Letter To The Unsaved Parent

The Crucifixion Story as told by Mary



A police officer facing police brutality charges has an unexpected twist of fate.


Pro Se'

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Hugs the 4 Letter Cure

The Little Rock Sun Community Paper, 2015

Page 2



My Father, My First Super Hero


Entertainment Review

Jojo Music Spotlight

Art & Soul Magazine - Atlanta, GA, June, 2020

A Neo-Soul Artist Review


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